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Summer’s playlist 01/10/13

Voilà la playlist de l’été, alors qu’il semble ne pas vouloir tout à fait nous quitter. (more…)

May Playlist 25/06/13

Here is the May Playlist, 12 tracks relatively new and relatively tinged with electronic sounds. (more…)

April Playlist 07/05/13

Here is the April playlist, 13 tracks almost all brand new. Summer is back and it will make you dance. (more…)

March Playlist 02/04/13

Suuns, Fauve and Bourvil, it’s my playlist for Mars ! (more…)

February playlist 19/03/13

With some delay the february playlist ! (more…)

January playlist 30/01/13

Voilà, la playlist de Janvier ! (more…)

November playlist 29/11/12

Because like a lot of developer I like to work with some sound in my hears, I decided to publish every month a playlist with the tracks which gave rhythm my days of work. (more…)

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile# 29/09/13 # 1

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency# 01/09/13 # 2

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant# 08/04/13 # 3 – High Tech & Video games – High Tech & Video games# 22/01/13 # 4

Yadlavoix – Singing school

Yadlavoix – Singing school# 05/12/12 # 5

Wankin Noodles (band)

Wankin Noodles (band)# 19/11/12 # 6

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