Summer’s playlist01/10/13

Voilà la playlist de l’été, alors qu’il semble ne pas vouloir tout à fait nous quitter. (more…)

May Playlist25/06/13

Here is the May Playlist, 12 tracks relatively new and relatively tinged with electronic sounds. (more…)

April Playlist07/05/13

Here is the April playlist, 13 tracks almost all brand new. Summer is back and it will make you dance. (more…)

LabTools, the web platform for research labs30/04/13

LabTools is a web platform dedicated to research labs on which I am working for some time now.
Obviously, it allows labs to communicate online. But, most of all, it allows them to gather a lot of informations (their publications, and mambers for instance) and to export that easily (more…)

March Playlist02/04/13

Suuns, Fauve and Bourvil, it’s my playlist for Mars ! (more…)

February playlist19/03/13

With some delay the february playlist ! (more…)

Meteor – WebApp Framework05/03/13

An open-source platform for building “top-quality” web apps in a fraction of the time. Let’s give Meteor a try !

January playlist30/01/13

Voilà, la playlist de Janvier ! (more…)

November playlist29/11/12

Because like a lot of developer I like to work with some sound in my hears, I decided to publish every month a playlist with the tracks which gave rhythm my days of work. (more…)

WordPress plugins activation issue08/11/12

If you have tried to develop some plugins for WordPress, you might have faced some warnings while activating it. This is due to some characters sent to the standard output before the header. (more…)

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile# 29/09/13 # 1

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency# 01/09/13 # 2

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant# 08/04/13 # 3 – High Tech & Video games – High Tech & Video games# 22/01/13 # 4

Yadlavoix – Singing school

Yadlavoix – Singing school# 05/12/12 # 5

Wankin Noodles (band)

Wankin Noodles (band)# 19/11/12 # 6