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Africa Village – London 2012 Olympics 14/05/12

Africa Village was a project for a village during London 2012 Olympics Games. Te goal of this village was to present the african continent with the help of animations, concerts, and  stands for the different countries of the african confederation in the olympics. A WordPress website was developed to present the village and its events. More than 14000 visitors surfed on the website during the two months near the event, and the village welcomed more than 80000 people. (more…)

Fred Duthil – The Blog 20/04/12

Fred Duthil is a French sailor who takes part to many races every year. A blog has been developed for him with the startup SeeMeCab. There were some technical challenging points for that development : (more…)

Belle-Ile race 2012 21/03/12

Website for the race Tour de Belle-Ile 2012, made with WordPress it has a really nice full frame background slideshow (SuperSized). (more…)

Mutual insurance cooperative in defense area 15/03/12

Website with online payment to access to digital documents : Association Mutualité Défense au service des ressortissants militaires et civils de la Défense. A specific WordPress plugin has been developed in order to manage the access to these online documentation. (more…)

SeeMeCab – Cloe editor 15/02/12

SeeMeCab is a startup which has developed a interactive catalog solution for iPad named Cloé. We made a intuitive platform for editing those Cloe’s presentations. (more…)

Maison de la Marine 15/02/12

Website for a restaurant called Maison de la Marine located in Cancale. (more…)

R2 Prod digital agency 20/12/11

Website for the so called digital agency R2 Prod made with WordPress, the technical challenge was in the references wall in the home page. (more…)

Mobvalue 19/11/11

Mobvalue is a new firm specialized in mobiles ads. There website has been developed with WordPress and there’s a web mobile version : Mobvalue

Web development technologies

  • Server side – PHP/MySQSL (WordPress)
  • Client side – xHTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery)

Technical and graphic design team

Screen shots


CSS Valide !
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Lixoft 02/11/11

Site web sous WordPress développé pour la société Lixoft, qui a mise au point un logiciel de modélisations et de simulations pour le développement de médicaments : Lixoft

Technique développement web

  • Serveur – PHP/MySQSL (WordPress)
  • Client – xHTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery)

Équipe technique et graphique

Capture d’écran


CSS Valide !

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Les cafés aparté 20/10/11

Small WordPress website about scientific event organization : Les cafés aparté

Web development technologies

  • Server side – PHP/MySQSL (WordPress)
  • Client side – xHTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery)

Technical and graphic design team

Screen shots


CSS Valid !
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile# 29/09/13 # 1

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency# 01/09/13 # 2

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant# 08/04/13 # 3 – High Tech & Video games – High Tech & Video games# 22/01/13 # 4

Yadlavoix – Singing school

Yadlavoix – Singing school# 05/12/12 # 5

Wankin Noodles (band)

Wankin Noodles (band)# 19/11/12 # 6

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