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Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile 29/09/13

AMPLIFY NATURE is a firm specialized in biodiversity management. Creativity Juice is developing a web application for displaying resume and graphical visualization of Biodiversity Profile©. This main difficulty on this project is front-end development with advanced features made with jQuery along with SVG graphs generated from heterogeneous data (numerical and graphical). (more…)

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency 01/09/13

Chamallow is a brand new press relations agency . They were in need of a website to present their services and their references. This website was proudly lounched by WordPress. (more…)

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant 08/04/13

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Meteor – WebApp Framework 05/03/13

An open-source platform for building “top-quality” web apps in a fraction of the time. Let’s give Meteor a try !

Yadlavoix – Singing school 05/12/12

Website for Y a d’la voix, a singing school in Paris, made with WordPress, with the help of jQuery. (more…)

Wankin Noodles (band) 19/11/12

Official website of les Wankin’Noodles, made with WordPress, with the help of jQuery and Youtube’s API. (more…)

Ejournal of my firm 09/11/12

WordPress web solution developed for and with BLC Consultants. The idea is to have an online platform, easy to install, for editing an online newspaper for firms available on various today comunication media : web, mobile, pad, et mail. (more…)

Bliss France – Rotational Molding Design 24/09/12

Website crafted with WordPress for the products of Bliss France, fourniture made by designers. (more…)

Daney Factory 20/07/12

Daney Factory is an agency located in Rennes, France. They are focused on product design, light design, graphic design and scenography. Their website has been made with WordPress and presents their references with a image wall design. (more…)

Conflikt’Arts 15/06/12

Development of a web mobile solution for Conflikt Arts. This firm makes printings, pressings, and merchandising for indie bands . They wanted to create a mobile web platform for their bands. (more…)

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile

Amplify Nature – Biodiversity Profile# 29/09/13 # 1

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency

Chamallow – Press Relations Agency# 01/09/13 # 2

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant

Archireport – Digital Construction Sites Assistant# 08/04/13 # 3 – High Tech & Video games – High Tech & Video games# 22/01/13 # 4

Yadlavoix – Singing school

Yadlavoix – Singing school# 05/12/12 # 5

Wankin Noodles (band)

Wankin Noodles (band)# 19/11/12 # 6

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